Life in Quads

I tried to give you a real glimpse of what our living quarters look like.  I will try my best to add pics of the rest of our “life” here as soon as I get time!
 This is our playground.  It is right outside our quad.
 This is what I see when I walk to class or to the cafeteria or anywhere else.
 This is our living room that we share with 3 other families.
 This is the girls room…
 Their “closet” and dressers
 When I stand in the hall (I use this term lightly) and look to their room, this is my view.
 Our wonderful bathroom full of really great storage (notice my Vera under the sink)
 Somehow we lucked into a handicapped shower.  I wanted you to see the full effect of bars and seats!
 If you ever have the opportunity, a stackable 1/2 load washer and dryer is a truly great option for a family of 5 🙂
 When I am in our shared living area and look into my open door, I see this.
 This is the extent of my kitchen.  It’s tiny, but I can bake!
 This is standing at my tiny stove looking to the windows.  Don’t be deceived by the computer…we were using it for music.  There is no internet in our quad.  Such a shame…
 This is my bedroom when I am standing at the door, looking in.
 This is our dresser and “closet”.  There is so much room in here!  HA!
I thought I would be real and show you my pile of junk on my side of the bed.  You’re welcome.
 When I am standing at our door, looking into the shared room, this is what I see.
 This is standing outside looking to the right at the playground.
 This is the outside of our quad.  It is blurry because the humidity is so high that when I walked outside, the camera immediately fogged up!
 This is my door.  It is so beautiful.  I am sure I will miss it terribly when I have to leave.
We love these ladies!

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