Family Time

 Since we don’t have “normal” Wednesday nights here with a mid-week service, we have our own special family time.  This week we met in the gazebo down by the pond.  It was breezy, cool, and simply beautiful!
 Gracie LOVES her new Toms.  She couldn’t stop playing with them…
 More evidence of her love…
 Faith always seems to have art with her wherever she goes.  She had her papers and her lion that she carried to dinner and to the gazebo after.
 This is what it looks like when we look toward the pond.  There are trees everywhere around here!  I never thought I would miss the flatness of Texas, but I do!  I miss being able to see things around us.
 I was trying to get as many views as possible…
 Ellie may have been in trouble here.  Before Cameron told us a story, he gave each girl a task.   He told Ellie to listen for the characters (then he explained what that is).  When he asked her what she was supposed to listen to, she replied, “Look!  A bird!” as she pointed to the sky.  I just started laughing…her attention span is SO short. 
The story tonight was for Gracie.  She was telling us how it was so unfair that she asked for Sperry’s a couple years ago for her birthday and had to wait patiently for them, but then Faith got some a few weeks later just because they were on sale.  So the story was the one about the workers who worked for 12, 9, 6, 3, and 1 hour.  At the end of the day, they all received the same wages.  I’m not sure she really got the connection though, because she stayed true to her opinion that it was unfair!  Ha!

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