Happy 10th Birthday Gracie!

She woke up to a house decorated with balloons and hand colored signs,
a special chair and gifts, 
at one point in the middle of the night, she awoke to the shadow of these balloons and she may have aged a bit faster than normal at that moment!
This is part of the wall that was built by our JourneyGirls just for Gracie.
So you can see the big picture…
The balloon sword that hides her face.  Uncooperative.
This is the chair that was decorated for her, complete with a gift!
Our girls wrapping her in more streamers to make her a mummy.
10 candles of course!  Look at how fast the wax melted!
Despite missing all our family and best friends, I think Gracie had a fabulous birthday.  There are new people in our lives that did their best to make sure she felt special and loved, and I am so thankful for them!  Later in the afternoon, her room was filled with balloons and more streamers.  A few friends came over for cupcakes, and, keeping with tradition, we took her to dinner at Outback.  The day ended at Best Buy where she purchased a Kindle.  She is crazy excited about it and spends all her “internet” time looking for books!

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