Virginia Beach

We decided to go to the beach, but the weather forecast was dreary.  It was supposed to rain and storm all day.  We figured that even if there was rain, we could find something to do, so off we went!
There was this really cool tunnel that we drove through.  It is under the Chesapeake Bay in the Atlantic Ocean.  When we started through the tunnel, the rains were so hard that we could barely see out of the window, but when we emerged on the other side, there was bright blue skies and sunshine!
We went with two other families, all of which have 3 kids.  They ranged in age from 1 to 10!  The sand was the big hit of the day…you should see the inside of my car!  This is the first beach trip we have been on where we didn’t have a hotel to clean up in…it was something else.
I am totally touching his butt.  Didn’t think about it being captured in the picture.  HA!
Sunbathing Beauties!!
Gracie was buried by her friend Jake…crazy kids!
The water was really rough…so rough that it was red flagged (meaning dangerous water).  The undercurrent was so strong that you couldn’t get in deeper than knee high.  The lifeguards were on high alert.  They never sat down or stopped blowing their whistles.  It was insane! 
This is how the littles liked to play.  They had Cameron be their anchor as they jumped over the waves.  When the waves hit you, you were knocked over!  I can’t tell you how many times the girls went rolling from the power of the water.  Needless to say, I didn’t get farther than an arm length away!
Cam bought the girls boogie boards, and Gracie was waiting to catch a wave!  I didn’t get the littles on the board…it made me way too nervous!  Ellie wore her life jacket when she did it and they all always had one of very close by.  Water like this makes me VERY nervous!
 Ellie never stopped smiling.  She just loves sand and water and being a filthy mess.  And on a funny note, and a gross one, if you know my kids, you know that being in the water makes them have to go to the “bathroom”.  Ellie came up to me two different times holding her hiney telling me it was coming out!  It didn’t, and she never went, but I’m sure if people saw, she got laughed at!  Another time, her suit was completely full of sand.  She reached into the crotch area and pulled out a fistful of sand (it looked like a turd) and then squatted while holding her suit out so the water could rush through it and “clean” the sand out.  I am really surprised we didn’t have that stretch of beach all to ourselves.  HA!!
 She had just come up from under a wave!
Ellie was jumping waves.
And she’s off!
And I just need to apologize for not having pictures of Faith!  I’m not sure how she escaped the camera, but I didn’t have the camera out for very long.  It was a small window that I tried to capture a few shots just for the blog 🙂


2 thoughts on “Virginia Beach

  1. Looks like you all had so much fun. Nice to see all the pictures, and smiles! Thanks for sharing–it makes missing you guys a little easier! Love to all.Kelly


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