I love my children, but I know they are not perfect. In fact, a lot of times I wonder what exactly I am supposed to be learning from the experience of raising them! But today, I had people, strangers really, praise my girls.

When I dropped off Ellie, her teacher told me she was such a joy to have in class. She said she is a VERY hard worker, is always kind to the other kids and participates in all the activities. My mouth dropped open a bit as I processed this, and I began to wonder if she had me confused for someone else’s mama! I told her that Ellie doesn’t usually talk to people she doesn’t know well and that she is pretty shy. She said she never would’ve guessed that about Ellie! She also said she thinks she is a gifted runner. Ha! Apparently she smokes all the other 5 year olds at recess! That’s my girl!!

I ran into Gracie’s teacher at lunch today and asked how her (the teacher’s, not Gracie’s) day was going. She replied that it was good and immediately went into talk about Gracie. She said she is a wonderful student who is kind hearted. She loves having her in class!

As if all that praise wasn’t making me squirm enough (I get embarrassed when people say nice things!), I get told all the time how Faith is such a special girl. People love her smile and her selflessness and her willingness to help all the time. Her teacher praised her today too saying she is a sweet child. I concur! I peeked in their room early this morning and she was laying on her freshly made up bed reading a chapter book! I was one proud mama…she used to dislike reading!!

I am pretty sure my head may burst from being told about the awesomeness of my girls. Because, really, I can take all the credit right? HA!! Seriously, I know Who gave me these little treasures and I am oh so thankful!


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