Field Trips and Golden Kitties

 We all piled into charter buses for a field trip to Washington, DC (went a good 10 miles before one started smoking and all it’s riders had to be transferred to the other 4 buses, but really, what is a field trip with no transportation troubles?!), and somehow I got lucky enough to be the baby rocker for this sweet child.  She fell asleep, and I just sat there loving every moment of this precious baby girl in my arms!

 Chinatown in DC.  I thought this thing was fabulous!  It was just over the street that ran through Chinatown…very Asian feeling!  I was hearing theme music in my head and seeing lots of red silk in my imagination…

 We ate at a restaurant that was known as the place where “real” Asians eat.  We wanted an authentic eating experience, and I would say we got that!  The menu was in Chinese, there was one table in the place, and I couldn’t even really tell you what we were ordering…

 Our girls were so great when it came to trying new foods.  They all taste tested and ate enough to not faint from their hunger later on.  I think they may have even liked it!  Not that they would admit that…

Faith is our eater.  She will eat just about anything and have a good attitude while doing it!  We ate rice noodles and beef.  That is all I know about what we ate.  It tasted good, was a bit greasy, and reminded me of China.  It will never replace Mama’s homemade pizza, but I could handle eating it often.  I think.

These are all the pictures I took because I was busy, but after we ate at this little place, we found a Chinese bakery that sold coconut buns.  Coconut buns are a yeast roll with a sweet filling (I assume coconut but if it wasn’t called that, I would never guess that) and are topped with sesame seeds.  They are delicious!  I bought one so we could try it, and we ended up having to go back and buy three more because the girls devoured it!  I also tried bubble (or boba) tea for the first time.  Mine was actually a smoothie, but the bottom has these little tapioca pearls in it.  They are chewy and remind me a bit of a cold gummy bear.  I loved it!!  I will definitely have another when I find out where I can buy one!  Let’s see…what else did we do on our field trip…oh!  yes!  I bought a cupcake in Union Station.  It was soooo good.  And a Starbucks.  It seems as though all I did was eat all day, and maybe that is true, but I also was very intentional with the people I talked to.

Here is a fun story for you.  And a shameful one for me!  We went into this little Asian souvenir shop to look around, and Ellie found a golden kitty that waves.  You have seen them.  They are the ones you see at all the Chinese restaurants by the door.  It’s little arm waves back and forth, and it appears to be quite happy.  Well, she just HAD to have it.  I said no, because that is the proper response from any mom when her child asks for something and it is not her birthday.  We continued to look and the worker lady came over to talk to us.  She told us we were beautiful.  In the middle of her pouring out her admiration for my daughters, she belched so LOUD.  She didn’t bat an eye.  She continued speaking as though nothing was wrong, and I was taken back to my trip to China.  This was quite common.  Apparently, it is socially acceptable and not at all unladylike.  I thought it was just gross.  *shudder*  Meanwhile, Cameron told Ellie that she could have the kitty.  I was a bit uneasy about the purchase and later found out why.  According to my Asian friends, this kitty is an offering to a god for good luck.  The waving arm signifies wealth (as in, “Please!  Come in and buy my products!”).  We told Ellie (before we found out what it was) that it might be an idol and she may have to throw it away. She heard the word “idol” and flashed to The Brady Bunch.  She was terrified!  You see, Bobby found an idol and a big spider came into his bed.  Or his brother’s.  Regardless, Ellie remembered this and was scared to go to bed.  Ha!  Good ol’ Brady Bunch.  Needless to say, the golden kitty found a home in the dumpster, and the idea that you should never buy your child junk from the tourist shops was reinforced!


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