Almost Gone

We leave in less than 24 hours!  I am not sure at all that I am prepared for this adventure, but I do know that there is Someone who stands in the gap and carries me when I can no longer walk.  I have packed our bags, then repacked them, then emptied them and started over.  Somehow I keep finding more things that need to go!  That means I have to find things that I packed, that I thought I needed over there but now think I might could live without, and remove them so I can replace them with other things that are more important.  Did that make your head spin?!  Imagine how I feel doing this with 20 bags…

There have been so many hard goodbyes that I am pretty sure we could have captured a gallon of tears.  Unfortunately, the goodbyes are not over yet, but the good news is that our eyes can’t possibly be more gritty!  🙂

We all know that sweet, dear, precious, special Ellie has problems when she can’t dictate how her life goes.  Well…her dismay has been multiplied immeasurably with this move.  And since my attitude has no room for nonsense when I am stressed, I fear that I am becoming more and more like Ellie.  Oh dear.  Poor Cameron…

Looks like I failed to post this yesterday, so we are now about 9 hours out…ACK!!


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