The Apartment, Round One

As I wait for the pictures to upload from my phone, let me just mention a few things that have caught my attention in the last few days…

  • When walking into the IKEA restroom, I was overwhelmed with the stench of urine.  I was puzzled because there was an attendant who continuously mopped the floor and the stalls (squatty potties), but then I realized she never rinsed her mop out or used cleaner.  She simply used a wet mop to push the pee around the ENTIRE bathroom instead of keeping the potty near the potties.  I became thankful for the rule that no shoes enter your home…
  • Taxi cab drivers may study Nascar videos and have a deep desire to drive in a race someday.
  • The locals use more oil in one dish that I use in a year of cooking.
 This is what happens when you watch Elf and then go somewhere with an escalator
 My stove.  And chocolate chip cookies 🙂
 Fridge and sink and coffee pot.  That thing that the towel is on is some sort of sanitizer, but no one knows how to use it, so we don’t.
 This is outside on the balcony off the kitchen.  It is my washer/dryer and oven.  It is no fun making cookies outside when it is 40 degrees!
 This is the hall bathroom vanity area
 And the hall bathroom squatty.  We haven’t used this shower, but we do know the drain doesn’t work and all water must drain down the toilet.  That just grosses me out…
 The doors are really neat!  This one separates the vanity from the toilet.
 Our desk (without a plug anywhere near…) The lights are actually wrapped in twine…super cute!  And the light boxes are recessed shelves with lighting! *notice the doors on the right…those are Gracie’s
 Ellie’s Room
 Her bunkbed stairs.  She loves this feature!  Each step opens up for storage or a really fun hiding spot!
 Faith’s room.  She is on the “stage”.  Because the floor is different levels, her bed is being built specifically for this room and should be done soon!  Right now they just play in here.

She has nice storage in her room (those are glass doors that she is standing near).

This is Gracie’s closet room.  It really isn’t bright yellow.  My phone combined with it being night time apparently turns it into a banana.  It is a pale yellow, and her bedding is purple, green, and teal.  The quilt on the bed is actually teal as well…ha!  One whole side is glassed bookshelves.  She absolutely loves her space!  And she has the coolest doors in the house (look in the desk picture).
My bathroom.  It is fairly normal, but the sink is great!  I always wanted a bowl sink!  It seriously may have the loudest flushing toilet known to man though.
Tomorrow I will try to get pictures of the living area, dining room, mudroom, and our room for you to see!  

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