Didn’t get it done…

Since I did not get Round 2 done for you today, I thought I would just tell you what my day looked like today. 🙂

I got up a little before 8 this morning (MUCH later than usual!).  After brushing my teeth and finding my slippers, I made my way to the kitchen.  I took a deep breath, held it in, and took some quick steps to the coffee pot to push the start button (I got it all ready last night).  I rushed out, closed the door and exhaled.  I do this because, for some reason, the kitchen smells like poop in the mornings, and that does not make my day start off happy.  I dumped a bottle of vinegar and some soda down the drains last night, but I didn’t want to breathe this morning to see if it helped.  ha!  I made my way to the couch and curled up under a blanket where I started my quiet time.  However, not five minutes later, quiet time was loud since the littles decided to get up.  And this is why my day usually starts earlier…
About this time I realized my first mistake of the day.  Oh dear.  I had this brilliant idea to fill the coffee carafe with hot water last night (it is a thermos and stays hot for hours) so it wouldn’t be freezing when I got up and made coffee this morning…well, remember the holding the breath and rushing thing?…I forgot to dump the water before I started the coffee!  I ran/slipped (Ellie sprayed lemon Pledge all over the floor) my way back the kitchen to see the counter flooded with coffee.  On a bright note, the kitchen smelled good!  I cleaned it up, and decided that since I was in there already working, I would start dinner for tonight.  I soaked beans last night, so I rinsed them and got them in the crockpot all seasoned up and turned it on.  I made myself my first cup of coffee from the second pot that I had brewed (ugh) and went to my room to have some quiet and get some peace.  My phone started buzzing and a playdate was set up for 9:30.  We quickly got dressed, ate some breakfast and headed out to meet our friends and walk to the indoor play area.  I’m not sure how far the walk was, but it was cold and drizzly outside, so it wasn’t altogether pleasant.  We played in the really neat area full of ball pits, zip lines, slides, and even a trampoline!  Lunch was Pizza Hut with 7 loud kids and 3 adults, but was a great time with good conversation and, of course, good pizza!  On the walk home, we stopped at a market and bought 4lbs of ground pork (we aren’t going to discuss this), 6 chicken breasts, garlic, a carrot, some apples, and some baby oranges.  Gracie and I then stopped at a drugstore to look for hairspray (we found it for the bargain price of $5.  sheesh) while Cam and the littles made their way home.  Once we got home, I went back to the kitchen to finish the soup for tonight.  I cooked the chicken and seasoned the water to make some stock, then realized I was out of milk.  I bundled up and made my way to the store in our complex.  Did I mention I made some more coffee to take with me?

Here I am bundled up with my bag and my coffee (no comment on the no make-up thing.  It’s cold and stinks and make-up is highly overrated in this environment).  Anyway, got my groceries, came home, got my chicken stew/soup put together, mixed up a batch of french bread, and while that was rising, I went and hung up all my clothes that were still laying out from unpacking and finished unpacking my suitcase.  I made the loaves, put them in the oven and started this blog post.  I just got up and took out the steaming, perfect looking bread, and am waiting for Cam to get off the phone so we can eat.  Pshew.  Typing all this makes me tired!  Anyway, just wanted you to have a glimpse of my day!  I will try to get those other pictures up for you tomorrow (After I go to IKEA in the morning to shop for Christmas presents without the girls)!


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