Round TWO!!!

 This is my bedroom from the door.
 This is the last Pinterest project before coming here…but I realize now it almost looks like it says “Hershey’s”  HA!
 We have a closet!!  This is unheard of over here…so this will more than likely be the only apartment we have with a closet.
 This is the end of the hallway.  On the right is our room; the left is Faith’s room.
 This is the beautiful cross that Dave (Jaymie’s brother) made for me to bring here.  I love it!
 This is our living room.  It is really big!  And aren’t those curtains lovely…apparently the people here really love sheer lacey things…See the big yellow clock?  Doesn’t it make you happy to see it!?  Cam doesn’t understand the joy it brings me.  It is just a happy little thing, and I can’t help but to smile at it.  I have a candle burning (my ONE candle that I brought) and a Scentsy on in the corner.  I need it to smell good in here!
 The television (the girls were playing Wii).  The woodwork is common here.  Character, I say.
 You can see part of the glass coffee table here.  It is HUGE.  It has four little stools that fit into little grooves, so the girls think this table was here just for them.  Greeeeat.  I can’t tell you how many times I have washed it already.
 View towards the hallway.  My stockings have ruffles that match the tree skirt.  I love them so much!  Mama made them for me 9-10 years ago but added the ruffles right before we moved.  The skirt has the girls handprints from every year on it…
 There is the dining room.  That big dark red thing in the corner is our heater.  We are so glad it is fixed (I think I blew it up on day 2 when I plugged my computer into a converter.  Oops)!  All this concrete (the walls) and tile was FREEZING while it was broken (that is why there is a space heater near the tv)
Because I know you all wanted a close-up of our tree.  I have two days to get some presents under there from us.  Yikes!  That is challenging!
I am pretty sure that sums up the apartment for you.  It is large and more than we imagined!  We are gradually adding things that make it reflect us, so it is constantly changing!  Oh!  And we have a big mudroom (HUGE) when you enter the apartment.  This is also very rare, but it is so nice to have a big place for storage and shoes and delivery people to enter without actually coming into our home.  It used to be a balcony (on steroids), but the owner enclosed it.  It is ugly, but we are so thankful for it!

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