A little pampering!

 Our first package arrived just a little after we did (due to some great thinking by Cam’s parents!).  We have enjoyed the chocolates, and Ellie cannot wait to open her presents!!
 We ventured out yesterday to get our nails painted.  The girls have been truly fabulous about walking everywhere and cleaning/unpacking.  They haven’t complained or fought or been any trouble at all since we moved here!  I am so proud!!  So, this was their little treat.
 The shop was a hole in the wall.  Literally.  I tried not to think about how it was less than sanitary.  The workers just smiled the whole time at the girls and took pictures with their phones of them.  A new experience for sure!
 This is the “prettiness”.  Gracie got Barbie lipstick pink and the littles got red and glittery green in a pattern for Christmas.  Ellie’s, of course was messed up before we left the store.  In fact, it was on her cheek, so the lady got a good laugh and re-did that one.  But by the time we walked home, the polish was all off her thumb…She just can’t be careful!  I also had my nails filed and the cuticles trimmed, but just got some clear polish šŸ˜‰  All of that cost us 125 (insert Chinese currency name here because I can’t spell it).  That translates to about $18.50 US.
On our walk home, Winnie the Pooh and Garfield were out walking around.  I’m not sure why, but the girls wanted a picture so I obliged.  Behind Garfield is KFC…this is very very close to our apartment.  It is still freezing here (40 degrees), and as Christmas is in 2 days, I am starting to get a bit weepy and frantic.  Right now, my girls have one stocking stuffer each.  This bothers me.  There is no quick running to Target in this place, and the things I find are expensive junk.  I’m not sure what to do, but I feel like maybe if I don’t do anything and believe really hard, Santa will show up and take care of it for me…

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