A little bit of life

Last night I went with a friend to a big store (think SAMS), and as I was walking from my house to hers, this is what I saw.  
 Things really come to life at night.  It is beautiful!  They actually just got all the lights up about 3 days ago, but the Merry Christmas sign has been here for awhile (be we arrived).
 There are fountains and lights everywhere at night.  During the day, it is drab and smelly.  🙂
 This was our view as walked this afternoon to hail a taxi.  Those little cones are there to create a “pedestrian” walkway.  Pedestrians do NOT have the right of way in this country…
 We were all loaded up in the taxi, headed to the mall to get some Christmas shopping done (nothing like last minute!)  Ellie has turned into this hyper/stinker of a child.  I mean, she has always been a stinker (ha!), but now she is c-r-a-z-y.  She runs and jumps and plays and kids around pretty much at all times.  She can’t be serious, and we aren’t real sure where the shy child has gone!
 She still loves chocolate though!  And she is still completely incapable of eating an ice cream cone without it being on her entire face…
 Faith looks so tired here, but I don’t think she really was.  Maybe though.  She tends to be either tired or hungry, and since she is eating…
Monk.  I am realizing that she is quickly turning into this pre-teen that I am not ready for!  I thought about only getting her frilly clothes and baby dolls for Christmas, but I don’t think it would really keep her little…
Tomorrow is Christmas and marks the first of many holidays that we will spend without our families.  I can’t think about it for long without feeling like my heart is being ripped out.  We have made plans to make tomorrow special for our little family and have faith that He will provide peace and comfort and new traditions to replace the old ones!


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