A Chinese Christmas

With a flurry of frantic shopping and major stressing out and assembly loud enough to wake the building, Christmas came and went with lots of smiles and joy.  We decided this year to shake it up a bit (because moving to a new country just didn’t seem like enough).  We decided that our  morning would start with warm beverages (hot chocolate with homemade whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles for the girlies; coffee for me and Cam!) and the true story of Christmas.  We read the passages and discussed them and talked about how we can be His hands and feet while we are here.  Then, we tore into the stockings.  After that, we all pitched in made a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, and pancakes. While all this was going on, we got to Skype with Cam’s parents.  It was all unrushed and happy and there was lots of anticipation since packages were still wrapped and waiting.  ha!  After breakfast, we Skyped some more, this time with Cam’s older brother and his family (my Shawna and my boys).  That was the first time we Skyped them, and it made my heart beyond happy!  We finished that call and called my family (grandparents, parents, brother, sister love, and niece and nephews…the whole gang) and opened all our presents with them.  That was a really neat experience to get to share with them.  The girls best friends (my brother’s kiddos) got to watch and share their excitement over presents.  It was just so sweet!

Everything was so unlike anything we have ever done for Christmas (all of the sweet texts and messages and video songs from my best friend made such a difference!!), but it was still special and warm and perfect for our first holiday away from “home”.

*pictures are coming soon…they are on my camera and no one will get up and get it for me to upload them 😀


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