Park Adventures

We went out looking for an adventure yesterday and ended up at an enormous park and an art exhibit!  
 There was a forest of bamboo that was so tall a picture could never really capture how majestic it was. It swayed and covered you as you walked.  The stairs leading up to the top of the forest appeared to go on forever, but the farther up you climbed, the more it felt as though you were entering another world.  I, obviously, loved the enchanted bamboo forest.
 There were bridges everywhere!  It was also only about 45 degrees outside with no sun and lots of wind.  We were numb when we got home!
 As you walk around the city here, you notice how dirty and run down things seem.  Yet, when you enter a park, every detail is taken care of.  The ground is even decorated!  This was part of a sitting area we walked through, but the rest of the park had the most elaborate “floors” I have walked on outdoors!
 The girls got balloons from a vendor (Cameron is not sporting a purse…I bought Ellie some goldfish crackers…yay!…and made him carry the shopping bag)
 I couldn’t help but to laugh at this bucket of bottles!  This was the station where you bought fish food.  I am not certain what they put in the bottles, but you could hold the bottle in the water and the fish would come and eat from it.  We chose to just get packets of food…
 This baby was adorable…
 …especially from this view.  HA!  The babies wear split pants to help them potty train, and I laugh every single time I see it.  There is just something so cute about baby butt cheeks that peek out at you.
 Lots of fish and lots of people watching the Americans feed the fish.
 This baby had the most adorable dimples ever.  She kept staring at Gracie’s Winnie the Pooh balloon and smiled SO big at it!  Her grandma (I assume) brought her over to see it up close.  And, of course, they wanted to be closer to the white people.  I *almost* asked if I could hold her.  My regret for the day was resisting that temptation…
 Gracie couldn’t help but to give the sweet girl her balloon.  The caregivers were so thankful and kept saying thank you (xie xie) and smiling at us.  It sure makes your heart happy to see someone pleased with a gift!
As we were leaving, there was this beautiful couple having portraits made.  The photographer was the real deal, so I tried to capture a sly shot and the helper ran in front just as I snapped…thus making the couple out of focus and her red jacket fully in focus.  argh…We aren’t sure if they were models or engaged or what, but she had to be FREEZING.  Her dress was gorgeous!
 On our walk home, we ran across an open art exhibit that was free, so we popped in.  We were greeted with a clean, sweet scent so unlike the smells here.  As we walked around the corner, we saw a chair sitting in the center of a blanket of flower petals.  That explained the wonderful aroma that made this my favorite place so far!  Everything there was made of thin wire.  It was amazing to see what these artists had created!

There was a whole wall of instruments at the exhibit.  Some of them look liked the actual instrument with holes burned into them until they were held together with just thin strips of metal, but I’m not certain if that is what it was or if it was wire.  Some of the components were true though (such as the buttons in the trumpet).  So neat, and a great end to the afternoon!

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