Nothing happening here

I have nothing new to post for you!  And by nothing, I mean no pictures 🙂

We have pretty much stayed indoors the past few days and haven’t done anything too exciting.  I will recap it all for you:

  • New Year’s Eve we had our first language lesson.  It was slightly overwhelming, but totally doable.  We learned about 30 words (we can recognize but not speak them).  That evening we went to our friend’s house and had some great food and fun games.  We actually came home a bit after 10 because they have some family traditions.  So, the girls attempted to stay awake and failed.  Cam and I stayed up.  
  • New Year’s Day we had more language.  It was great fun!  I actually felt like I can do this…
  • Then yesterday happened.  I realized I can’t do this at all.  My head got all big at how “I got this” so I’m pretty sure Jesus looked at me with His head shaking and zapped my memory.  Language had me in tears.  I had to constantly admit that I had no idea what they were saying or what I should do.  So I spent 2 1/2 hours later that night listening to all the activities from the day and trying to learn the words.  A phone call with Chatty greatly improved my mood and helped me to refocus.  I just love that lady!  I also love that she never sleeps…
  • Today, all my studying paid off and my memory was working again.  It was much better!  This afternoon we took off and went to eat at a hole in the wall.  Or alley.  Literally.  If you look too hard, there is no way a sane person who cares anything at all about cleanliness would eat in this alley.  But we didn’t look and got to enjoy some fine Korean cuisine.  We sat at a table half in the alley, so by the time we were finished, we couldn’t feel our fingers.  I think the high today was about 43 degrees, but the wind was blowing and it felt like negative numbers!  Since we were already cold, we decided to walk to the big market to get some more fresh flowers for our house. We also needed to stop at this little home shop where Cameron thought he may have ordered some pillows.  Ha!  We stopped, and he hadn’t ordered them, but we did and needed to wait 10 minutes for them to make my throw pillows.  Talk about fast service!  So, we went to the market where I found a gigantic floor vase with a big plant in it.  We bought that and realized it was super heavy…too heavy to carry home.  So, we left it there, went and got the pillows, came back, grabbed the vase and got on a bicycle rickshaw.  This is the first time the girls and I have ridden on one here…the freezing faces and hands were forgotten and the giggles abounded.  Lucky for you, I took pictures (and had to pause my blogging this morning for language, so I wasn’t finished with this post)!
We were on one rickshaw together, pedaled by an old man.
That is Cam and Faith’s (and the vase) rickshaw.  They had an older woman pedaling theirs.  The bus passed us and I thought you should see just how close we were to other vehicles (on both sides).  Gracie kept saying, “this is scary!”  Hahaha

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