Complete and Total Nonsense

 This extremely blurry picture is me and two friends after we went shopping in a motorcycle cart.  I thought I was going to die.  Multiple times.  I am pretty sure the driver we got thought he was invincible.  He never waited at a light; instead, he just whipped around into oncoming traffic and passed all the waiting cars, then turned in front of moving traffic.  I finally had to just close my eyes…but we laughed.  Hard.  It was so good.
 Ellie was trying to play hacky-sack in our living room and her leg slipped.  She ended up with a big goose egg and insisted I take a picture for you to see.

We finally made it to WalMart!!  Some of the signs seemed familiar, and they had dressing rooms (first I have seen here!), but the similarities pretty much stopped there.  I was expecting to be transported back to America with food I knew and things like hairspray and lotion.  I was even hoping to hear English.  But, alas, I was let down and sent into a spiraling downward slide of disappointment.
 Then I saw ice!  And it got better.  Ice is uncommon.  Fresh squid is not rare, however.  On a side note here, the meat section smelled so bad that the live fish section actually smelled GOOD.  Imagine that.

 And the deli.  Oh the days of honey roasted ham…
 For some reason, this city is full of small dogs.  They are never on a leash, and they always wear clothes.  Some of them even sport stylish shoes!
This picture is just for Ray.  If you aren’t Jaymie, feel free to skip this.  Jaymie…this is your ticket to China 😉

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