The girlies first day of school!!

 Bright and early, all bundled up (Ellie loves that ridiculous mask!), about to get on the elevator
She is such a goober!  We got on the elevator, and she immediately started making faces at herself…

This is what we saw as we stepped out of the front door of our building.  Do you see it?  Yeah.  We didn’t either (but it looks like maybe Cam did), BECAUSE THE SUN WASN”T OUT YET!  It’s just wrong.
 All smiles as we hopped to keep warm while waiting for the bus to arrive.  Check out Ellie’s polka dotted socks with sweats and hot pink Sperry’s.  Some things are easier to just go with…

I wanted to be in a picture, and Cam was across the street, so we tried to do it ourselves, but Ellie.  Oh, that precious Ellie.  She just cheeses for the camera these days!

They are on!  Getting instructions on where to sit.
And they are off!
I had to add one more of them driving away.
A super long 8 hours later…
Ohhhhh….I was so excited to see them with smiles!!
Umm?  Ellie?  Where are your sweats?  You can bet there is a story for that one!
Smiling.  So big.  Love that her daddy is showing her how a gentleman acts.
Okay.  Onto the recap of their day!  They all claimed to have really great days.  They talked a mile a minute from the bus stop to our house, then for a couple more hours after that.  Ha!  We got home, pulled out the homework (what in the world?!!) and started trying to get that done.  We learned about their new friends names and the annoying fifth grade boys.  We saw that their lunches were mostly uneaten because they claimed they just didn’t have enough time (I have seen the schedule…I would bet they couldn’t eat because they were TALKING).  We learned that this school doesn’t do math on grade level…they go 1-2 grades ahead, which translates to hard homework and some re-teaching.  There were a few tears…  Then there is Ellie.  She doesn’t have homework.  She can’t really tell me anything she learned.  And she can’t remember her new friend’s name.  She can, however, tell the story of why she is not wearing the same clothes.  Enter extreme embarrassment for me right here.  I will force myself to continue for your behalf though.  You are welcome.  She peed her pants.  Are we surprised?  Not really.  Her sisters predicted this.  She was in the bathroom (alone) and just didn’t get her pants down in time.  So she started crying and didn’t go back to class.  Her teacher came looking for her and told her it was okay…that she used to do that on her first day of school too.  She got her the spare clothes we had packed (not because we are prophets, but because it was on “the list”), and all was well.  Ellie still wants to go back tomorrow, and her new extra set of clothes are packed.  We are hopeful that she won’t need them for this reason ever again.  But knowing Ellie…
All in all, it was a really great day!  They loved every minute of it and can’t wait to see what they get to do tomorrow.  It really is overwhelming how much He loves them and how He made their day go so smoothly.  Even how He controlled my tears and emotions.  Y’all.  We serve a great, mighty, God who loves us more than we can fathom.  More than we can imagine.


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