Our new schedule

Now that school has started for the girls, we have started full time language studies.  I just wanted to give you a quick snapshot of how our days play out so you will understand why we don’t call or reply to texts quickly 🙂

My time is in gray.  Texas time is green

Wake up between 6:15 and 6:30 (4:15-4:30 pm).
Get girlies dressed
Make and eat breakfast.
7:15 (5:15 pm) jackets and bags, walk to bus stop
7:25 (5:25 pm) girls get on bus
7:30-8 (5:30-6 pm) coffee and have some time with Father to prepare for day
8-8:30 (6-6:30 pm) listen to Chinese lessons
8:30-12:15 (6:30-10:15 pm) Lessons with our tutor (in our home)
12:15-12:45/1:00 (10:15-10:45/11:00 pm) lunch break
1:00-2:30 (11:00pm-12:30am) to lessons
2:30-3:25(12:30-1:25 am) much needed break!
3:25 (1:25 am) go get girls
3:35-4:30 (1:35-2:30 am) homework/re pack backpacks for next day
4:30-5 (2:30-3 am) girls take showers (hot water is sketchy after dinner) and pick out tomorrow’s clothes
5-6:30 (3-4:30 am) prepare dinner, eat, clean up dinner (make breakfast for next day if possible)
6:30-7:30 (4:40-5:30 am) with girls, make lunches for next day
7:30-8 (5:3–6 am) with Ellie, big girls read their books
8:00 (6:00 am) bedtime
8-8:30 (6-6:30 am) Cam and I pick up the house, get coffee ready for morning
8:30-9:30 (6:30-7:30 am) last hour of listening lessons (we have to get in 3 hours a day)
9:30 (7:30 am) shower then bed.

Our days are really full of school during normal waking hours for you Texas people.  I am at a bit of a loss with calling home and skyping during the week, so we will have to plan to do that on the weekends.  Your Friday and Saturday, my Saturday and Sunday, will be the best days for seeing each other!  So call, Facetime, and Skype away on weekends!  We will do the same.  🙂  Oh!  We do have club meeting on Sunday at 10am (your Saturday 8pm), so that is not a good time to call 😉


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