Typical shopping day

Due to all the busy-ness of our week, we shop for the week’s meals on Saturdays.  As we were shopping, I thought I would snap a few pictures of where we buy all our meat, produce, and flour.  We get milk and bread from the grocery store near us.
 This is how we get eggs.  I am not sure what all the other eggs are there…the different birds, but there are a TON.  I never thought I would miss the little egg cartons…
And this is how we buy meat.  I just can’t really think about it.

Oh!  Friday night, I was making pizza dough and ran out of flour, so I sent Cam to the store near us.  He called saying they were out (they usually have HUGE bins full, so this was definitely weird).  He went to the open market a couple blocks away and had our friend (on the phone) tell the guy what we needed.  He sold Cam a big bag of this flour, and he brought it home to me.  As I cut open the bag, I noticed a really strange odor, much like lavender oil.  I’m not sure exactly what kind of flour it was, but we had some fragrant pizza crust (with just a little bit of odd flavor)!


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