We got a BOX!!!!

Cam’s phone rang this evening (Sunday), and he laughs and says, “this is bad”.  I look over as he says I don’t understand in Chinese, and he tells me it was a Chinese person.  This isn’t entirely uncommon, and usually means someone is at our building door.  So, the door rang, and Cam went down to find a delivery person with this box!!  I was helping the girls with their shower and didn’t realize that Cameron had left, so when I came back and he walked in with this box, I was jumping with joy inside. I screamed at the girls that we “got a package from AMERICA!!!”.  They came running.  šŸ™‚
 Obviously excited.
 Ellie seriously cannot be serious.  ha!  This picture pushed their limits of patience.
 I LOVE Faith’s expression.
 They got some cute necklaces and rings and have outfits planned around them tomorrow…
 Again, with the facial expressions.  Look at all our loot!  I am SO excited about the decaf coffee.  We drink at LEAST two pots a day, so this will help my jitteriness for sure!  And cookie cutters!  Decaf tea!!!  We made some tea for dinner and as Ellie prayed over our meal, she said “and thank you for letting us have sweet tea”.  Just makes me realize how much I took for granted…
Pictures!!  We love pictures!  We NEED pictures!!  Thank you Cory, Shawna, Caleb, and Colby!!

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