A really long poop

I will spare you a picture (I did NOT take one), but this is just too funny/gross to not share.  Ellie needed to use the bathroom the other day and for some odd reason decided that the squatty potty was a good place to go.  After she finishes, I hear laughter and little feet running.  All the girls ran into the kitchen laughing and proclaiming the great news that Ellie’s poop was soooo LONG.  “You have to come see it!”  I declined, but somehow they convinced Cam to go check it out.  Then I hear gagging and how gross that is.  Still lots of laughter.  Finally, Ellie flushes the squatty.  Twice.  But the poop lived on.  Her aim was too far back and that turd wasn’t moving!  I told Cam he had to take care of it.  That he just needed to use some tissue to push it down.  He absolutely couldn’t do it.  I had tears of laughter streaming down my face and the realization that life in this house is never dull…


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