Another box!!

We had another delivery today!!  It came during the day, and I left it on the table ALL day waiting for the girls to get home so they could be the ones to open it.  That is what I call self-control.  And it pretty much used all that I had…
 Ellie had to pretend to be eating her Oreo as I took the picture, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from her.  ha!  I LOVE that under Jay’s address, she wrote USA.  I felt great pride reading that.
 Oops.  Faith is blurry, but my wooden “S” is so clear and pretty and is begging me to modpodge it and put it in the middle of a wreath for my door…
 So much stuff in there!!  CHEESE!!!  Well, fake cheese.  But when you can’t get fake cheese, you crave it.
 Do you see the love that was sent?  I am holding some really cute Minnetonkas in my hand…speaking of hands…I immediately used the lotion and my hands haven’t felt so good in 5 weeks!  Yay!
 I am now officially itching to make something!!  And guess what?  Chili was the menu for tomorrow…and we have JIFFY mix!!!!
We all got a card from Aryna, but Wyatt sent Ellie like 15 cards.  Some said “Wyatt loves Ellie”, some said “MOM MOM”, most had a turtle, and they ALL said “Ellie  Wyatt”.  She was so excited to keep opening them.  She tried to pretend that she was tired because she had soooo many, but she had a cheeser grin on her face the whole time.  She loves her Wyatt!
Two boxes in one week is making me spoiled.  I know another will be here any day now too!  Feels good to feel loved 🙂

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