I love boxes from America!!

I couldn’t wait for the girls to open this one!  Oh the shame.  
 It’s from my MAMA!!!!

 Oh Cam.  He is so excited about this because he *thinks* it means I will make him cookies, but I think he should learn how to make them himself!  He is beginning to be a great baker! And the peace sign is because that is what C-nese people do when you take their picture.  Almost every time.  🙂

You can’t see how pretty this sweater is, but it is really beautiful!  And ruffly.  And what girl doesn’t like ruffles?!?!!!

 And this is because I know Ms. Dana wanted to see where I buy my chicken.  HA!  I am a little concerned how this works out in the summer because this “thing” is not refrigerated right now.  It is just super cold out.  Maybe it will be in the summer??  I sure hope so…
See the little empty silver tray on the left?  That is where the chicken was that we bought.  We bought 12 breasts for about $15 (for you curious readers)


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