A bit of bragging, a whole lot of proud

Gracie.  Sweet Gracie.  She came home from school the other day with the news that there was going to be a Spelling Bee at school.  You see, Gracie has always had an interest in Spelling Bees.  She has also always had a high aptitude for spelling!  However, being timid as she is, she wasn’t sure she wanted to actually participate.  Then, horror of all horrors!, her teacher had a class Spelling Bee.  Guess who came in first place?!  Yep.  Gracie.  You would think she would be thrilled now about the “real” Bee, but she is still nervous because there will also be 6th graders in the mix.  I will keep you posted.  I think she will do great and that it will be a really awesome experience for her!

ALSO.  She had to choose some activities to do with her spelling words, and she decided to write a poem.  When her teacher read the poem, she was so impressed that she sent her to the principal’s office so she could also read the piece.  Her poem got put into a folder of exceptional work!!  She also got a small cake 🙂

Books by Gracie Strange
Books make me envious because I want the starring role
Books make me worried when the plot is stirring
Books make me get up earlier so I can read
Books make me get buried in the story
Books should be at every store where you get supplies
Books bring happiness to everyone who reads them
Books have been around for centuries and should never leave
Books leave my stomach knotted, they are a part of me.
*spelling words are underlined

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