All out of order

The weather today was gorgeous.  It is the first time I have left home since we arrived without a coat and scarf on!  We decided to go to an art alley that had jewelry, antiques, and painting.  It was definitely worth the trip!  We saw so much, and since I didn’t buy anything but found some bracelets I liked, I am already planning a trip back ๐Ÿ™‚
I just love all these colors waving in the wind, but what I don’t love is that it has something to do with praying to their god… 
 Guess who jumped into our picture?!?! 
 Beautiful girls with a beautiful background
 There were a couple stories of stores in this “mall”.  This was the lower level.  Not too crowded at all!
 This was just too neat.  There were hallways with tons of rooms, all with an artist and a roomful of art. This room caught our eye, and he was nice enough to indulge our requests for a picture.  Or 3 or 4 ๐Ÿ™‚
 I would just like to have his palette to display…
 And right in the middle of all these shops were some really large, colorful birds that looked as though they wanted to eat your hand off.  They were pecking away with their gigantic, evil looking beaks.  Of course, I would be evil too if someone chained me to a metal cart…
 Back to our artist.  Ellie found a painting that she just loved, but it was really large and more than we wanted to spend, so we asked if he had it smaller, and he actually did!  We were so surprised!  He brought out a roll of canvases and unrolled the one she wanted then stretched it onto this frame for us.  Talk about some service!
 There were alleys of blankets on the ground full of beads and jewelry and pottery.  It was all genuine, so it wasn’t super cheap, but it was all very neat!
 And back to our artist.  This is the painting that Ellie loved.  She now has an original piece of art and a picture with the painter!  This painting cost us a mere $3.50
The park had a few amusement rides, and the girls felt the need to ride the airplanes.  I thought this picture was so funny because it looks like this lady was removing Ellie.  The opposite is actually true…Ellie was in her own plane and decided she wanted to ride with Gracie, so the lady was helping her into gracie’s plane.  However, the belt was broken so she ended up taking her to Faith’s plane.  The people here are so helpful and kind!
 This tree apparently is ill.  Notice the IV…
 Ellie being put into Faith’s plane.  Then they switched sides.  ha!  If they only knew what a monkey Ellie was, they would have just let her arrange herself…
 Soon, she will be too grown up to want to ride these rides.  I’m going to cherish her “littleness” for a while longer.
Oh Faith.  Always laughing and having fun.

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