Hobby Lobby, how I miss you

I threw two rolls of this blue deco-mesh in our action packer right before we locked it down, thinking I could use it on my Christmas tree (which I did).  Now that Christmas is over, I decided we needed something to cover up our door.  You see, there is apparently this tradition of covering your door with paper for the New Year, but the people before us used a big square sticker that didn’t completely get removed.  Every time I walked up to our door, I cringed and hated it a little bit more.  That isn’t the best attitude to have when you are trying to make somewhere “home”.  So, with my deco-mesh in hand and a wooden S that Jaymie sent to me, I started to create…

Obviously, I couldn’t run to Hobby Lobby for supplies (you can cry for me if you’d like), so I had to make do with what I had…a blue hanger and scotch tape.   LOTS of scotch tape.
It turned out pretty cute!  Although, it reminds me of baseball…maybe the red and white?  The ribbon has hearts and Happy Valentine’s Day, so I will change that after Love Day.  I am not sure how long the tape will hold, so I will continue looking for thin wire (not to be found.  Neither are pipe cleaners) before it falls apart.  That would just be sad.

 The ugly is covered up!  That makes this a huge craft success!


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