a little bit of language

Thirty minutes every morning and thirty minutes at the end of class, we do what is called”Chinese Made Easier”.  I am still try to figure out what it is easier than…
Anyway, our tutor teaches us pinyin and all the new sounds that our alphabet makes,  I shouldn’t try to figure this out either, but why use the English alphabet but change the sounds??  Why not just spell it with the normal sounds and add the new sounds that we don’t have??!!!  I don’t get it.  You can see all the scratch outs I have on the left side of the notebook; that is when I was wrong 🙂  Our tutor says sounds and we have to write it with the correct combo of letters and tone marks (each combo is one of four tones).  It isn’t easy.  At all.  The right side of the notebook is my chicken scratch.  We were listening for words with those sounds in them (J/zh…which makes the same sound as J.  ha!).  I got 90% of them wrong.  I defaulted to “j” and it was almost always “zh”, but I was consistent in choosing J.  I wanted it to be J!  As we were reviewing, I was writing down the words that sound the same.  They just have different tones.  AHHH!!!  It makes me crazy.  It also makes me cry…that happened Monday during class.  Poor tutor…

 We got to play a game and we had to have a barrier because  I  we cheat.  It was actually fun and simple.  He called out a person by their emotion and we had to cut out that person and put him wherever we were told to put him in the city picture we had.  I had 100% accuracy on this one!  I have to throw that out there because it is so rare for me to get things right.  Cam does great and has a memory like no other, so he usually gets all the “points”.  I get no points.  This game, however, I was victorious!  Woohoo!!  We should play it every day.  🙂


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