It’s…a…a…it’s LOUD

Gracie knew that she would get to be in exploratory band this year, but she wasn’t sure which instrument she would get to play.  Well, she found out that she got the baritone this time.  Next time will be the trumpet.  We are so excited that she gets this opportunity, but we are a bit nervous about the practice time at home.  Ha!!
 She was BEAMING when she stepped off the school bus carrying her instrument.  And she calls it “her instrument”.  It cracks me up!  I have already shortening its name to Barry (yes.  I know it is so original), but she insists on calling it her instrument…

 Oh yeah.  Pride.
Now it is the look I get when she is humoring me and really wishes I would stop taking her picture.  I tried to upload a video for you so you could experience a mere second of what this sounds like when played by a rookie, but it regretfully didn’t work.  Sad for you.

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