It’s a box! A box!

The postman came to my door today and left us a box!  It was about 11 this afternoon, so I had to practice patience ALL day until the girls got home!  ACK!
 Excuse the blurry pictures.  We were moving and jumping and horrible subjects for clear pictures, but we were just SO excited! (This box was only $22 to send!  It weighed less than 3lbs, but was a good size box.  Just another option for you who want to mail a package.  It wasn’t a priority box, but still got here in about 2 weeks!)
 ART SUPPLIES!!  Woohoo!!  I am actually running low on ink in all my colored pens, so I was super excited to see colorful pens too!  Ellie immediately starting drawing a picture 🙂
 Thick tape and dull scissors couldn’t stop us!
 I thought my face would burst from the huge smile on it when I saw my favorite things…cupcakes, coffee, AND a Willow Tree angel!  
Somebody is happy!
 Faith reading the card she got.
 Gracie got a baritone today, or as she says, “an instrument”.  She couldn’t put it down, so she read her card WITH Barry. 😉
 Cam reading Ellie’s card to her as she cuts up paper.  Or her shirt.  Whatever was handy, I’m sure.
The box!  Ellie had to put her wrists in the picture so you could see her bracelets too!  And there is one more card that didn’t make the picture.  Oops.

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