Busy start to the weekend

Gracie attended her first sleepover Friday night!  The birthday girl is an American with a great southern accent, so she felt right at home and had a fabulous time.  This morning, we met a friend and headed to the local hardware store to look around (you know, for supplies to be crafty).  We ended up spending a lot more time than we had intended, but we had a good time!  I came home with a tulip plant, a raw bookshelf to paint, a little picket fence box, some car fresheners that are apple scented to attach to my heater vent in the house, and a load of thin wire.  When I say a load, I mean that I got more wire than I will ever use in my lifetime even if I share it with everyone I know!  And I paid a whopping $1.75 for it!  Now I have to find some turquoise paint…

After the store, we dropped our stuff off and headed to pick up Gracie across town.  Traffic this time of year is A.W.F.U.L!  It felt like it took forever to get there, but that could be because I saw my life flash before my eyes too many times to count.  Sheesh.  We played with their dog and chitchatted for a bit, then headed to one of Faith’s friend’s house for a play date.  I had never met this little girl or her mama, so I was a little anxious (because meeting new people does that to me, you know).  They were fabulously nice!  The mama is from France, but the dad is a TEXAN!  And get this!  His sister lives in Burleson!!  Such a small, small, world.  We had a really great time for a few hours, complete with tea service and pastries.

We finally made it home about 6:30.  And let me just point out that Faith and I made our way home alone!  We walked part of the way then got the bus the rest of the way.  Faith really wanted to take a tuk-tuk (motorcycle cart), but of course, there were none to be found.  Maybe next time!  We have play dates set up for Wednesday and Friday next week.

It was a busy day, but a good day.  I think friends are really important to have, and I miss my friends so much (because I have the best friends in the world), so I really feel like this is answer to pleas for both Faith and myself. Can’t wait to see what He has in store for us with these relationships!


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