Hamster love

 The girls first ride on a motorcycle cart!  We went to a friend’s house and had to make our way home without Cameron.  Ack!!
 This is America.  She is our house guest for the next 2 weeks.
 This was a week or so ago when the weather was nice.  We went to one of the playgrounds in our complex after school.  I think these little gazelle things are for the caregivers to get exercise while the kids play.  I love them!
 Ellie was enjoying the lollipop she got in the mail a few weeks ago!
 Another one of our guest America, and her friend Theodore.  Funny story about America:  the woman we are watching them for told me she was named America because she is so fat.  I’m not sure whether to be offended or humored by this!  Ha!  The same lady told me I was thin for an American.  She is French, but her husband is Texan, so she has been to our state and our country…I guess she knows what she is talking about a bit…
 Since there wasn’t a hamster for Faith to pose with, she just posed without one 🙂
This is how the girls play on the gazelle.  I have to fight the girls in order to exercise!  

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