Happy Chinese New Year!!!

We had a small party to ring in the new year Saturday evening (crazy because the new year happened back on January 1st…but now it is the year of the Dragon!).  There was lots of food (Chinese and American), lots of laughter, and lots of fireworks!  There were only11 people here, but we had a really nice time just getting to hang out and not worry about studying or any other responsibilities!
The girls got silly string, or “flower spray”, in their stockings this year.  They finally got to use it on New Year’s Eve!  Because it wasn’t silly string, it came out more like snow, and since that is a mess, it wasn’t going to happen in my house!  They sprayed it off the balcony onto unsuspecting trees below (hopefully not any people).
This is what it looked like when we look downed from our 7th story balcony.  Pretty, or messy.  Depends on how you look at it…
Cam was telling a story.  I’m sure it was true.  Ha!  I just thought the flowers looked pretty πŸ™‚
My little ham.  She LOVED the sparklers!
Our friend was helping light the sparklers.  They lit a little more dangerously than the ones in America…kind of like a small explosion.  But when I look at this picture, all I see is incredible fashion (shorts with leggings, boots, leg warmers.  wow).  
This sparkler was loose…meaning Gracie removed the paper that held it together.  It seemed unstable to me, so like a good mama, I stepped back and let her sparkle all by herself.

 All the girls did these, but Ellie’s picture was the most fun.

I just liked the smoke πŸ™‚

Faith asked me a couple weeks ago if it was a bad thing that she REALLY liked to play with fire (as she was holding a lighter)…not sure how to answer that one…maybe we should all remember her when we pray…

I thought this one was a good portrayal of the holiday.  People, tall buildings, sidewalks, and big fireworks overhead.  Crazy, but so neat!
This was about 10:30 pm.  We went down to pop some small fireworks of our own.
These were supposed to go up into the air, but kept coming back at Ellie, so she would scream and jump towards Cam.  I really wish I would have videoed it.  I was laughing so hard because she would act like big stuff until it flew at her!
I’m not sure if Americans are overly cautious or if the Chinese are not cautious enough.  I mean, I wouldn’t drive my car over lit fireworks!!  They didn’t seem to mind at all though…and I thought it was humorous that the middle of the street was the place to set off the big fireworks.
The big. loud, crazy display of flashing lights happened at midnight.  It was louder than anything I’ve heard, imagine a full blown battle inside your living room!  Cam wanted to be in the middle of it, so he went down to the street, but it was cold and the one kid was asleep, so I stayed inside and plugged my ears from there.  He said it was insane.  There were people everywhere and fireworks like crazy.  You can look at some videos he posted on Facebook to get a real feel of the event.  As I type, the fireworks are still going off…2 days later.  We were told this lasts for 15 days, and the last night is as big as the first.  Perhaps I will find myself downstairs in the midst of that one…

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