Oh, Postman…how I love you

Imagine our surprise, after being told that the post offices are closed for 15 days, when the phone rang with “Mailman” popping up on the screen!  A package had arrived!!!  A very unexpected surprise this week that, of course, made us all giddy and jumping with excitement.
The girls were doubly excited because they got new little rats pets today too!  This box was BIG too!

Look at all that stuff!!  I do believe Vicky is a packer!  And a note…I love notes the best, I think.

Ohhhh the baking I can do!!!  The one brownie box still in the ziploc was a little exploded, so we just had to bake it right away!  30 minutes after opening the box, we had hot, fresh brownies, and nothing could have tasted better!
I *may* have been the most excited about this box.  I mean, cupcakes!  Pretty cupcakes too!  And the timing couldn’t be better with Faith’s birthday coming so soon.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!!

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