I don’t often talk about how great dinner was (because, frankly, it isn’t always great), but tonight, dinner was fabulous!!  I made a chicken pot pie.  This was one of my favorite meals in the US, but it always seemed to take so much work that I didn’t make it very often.  I don’t know what the difference was here, but, y’all.  I wish you could have come over for dinner!

Here is how I made it (in case you think you’d like some):

  • Make your favorite pie crust (I use my Grandma’s recipe).  You will need a top and bottom crust.
Set that aside, and:
  • cook 2 chicken breasts
  • boil some diced potatoes (I used 3)
  • boil some carrots (cut into bite sized pieces…however many you like)
  • blanch some fresh green beans (or use frozen if you have them!  I didn’t use a bunch of these)
  • boil some fresh corn cut off the cob (2 ears)
Throw all that in a bowl to sit for a minute while you do other stuff.
  • make a roux (butter, flour and milk…basically gravy).  I think maybe 1 1/2-2 cups.
  • get out about a cup of sour cream (or make some if your country doesn’t have that.  ha!)
Pour the roux and sour cream into the bowl with all your other ingredients and add some salt as you stir it together.  Pour all that into your pie plate (that has pie dough in it) and top with the other pie dough.  Slice some little slits in top crust and bake it until you see bubbles!
Back home, I would sometimes overdo the veggies and end up with enough filling for 2 pies.  You can freeze the leftover for next time or make 2 and freeze the whole pie unbaked!
If you are lucky, like we are tonight, you will have pie dough leftover and you will also happen to have a fridge full of apples just waiting for you to turn them into an apple pie!  So good.

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