Happy Love Day

This year was so different for us.  The girls and I usually decorate the house and cook a big fancy dinner with candles then get all dressed up to serve Cam…since he is home with us, that wasn’t really possible.  I have to be honest, I had a hard time this Valentine’s Day.  My love language is gifts, and being here complicates that.  On top of that, we started language again after a few days off.  But it’s a holiday, I thought!  Ha!  I was just in a funk all day.  Cam arranged for a friend to come play with the girls, and he took me out for dinner and Starbucks.  It was a good end to a not so great day.  I truly love my husband. Now more than ever. 
Cameron has always been really good about showing the girls love and emulating to them how a man should treat a woman.  For Valentine’s Day, he bought them each a little gift and made them each a card.  They are always so surprised and full of smiles when they get gifts from him!  
 They saw these little cloth dolls outside at a vendor below our complex and expressed how much they liked them.  Cam went back later and bought them…
 She had to bring her turtle family and her Dana frog to the couch to open her present.

 All in a row with new babies.


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