It’s her birthday. Have a party!

Faith had an eventful birthday.  They had been off school for 2 weeks, but she came down with a yeast infection by the end of their first week off.  After 2 medications, lots of calls to the nurse and emails to the doctor, 4 sitz baths a day, the itching was still present.  So, on their first day back to school, her birthday, she missed school to go to the doctor (I will post about that next…).  I was up at 6am making pancakes, complete with sprinkles, for the birthday girl.  She awoke to the birthday banner up, a balloon wall to walk through, and balloons all over the house!  Sisters went to school and we hung out until midmorning, when we walked to the doctor (we also had time to scope out the electric scooters for Cam.  Y’all should laugh at this mental image…).  After that experience, we made our way to McDonalds (McNasty as I refer to it) per her choosing.  We did a little shopping and made our way to the bakery for sugar donuts (don’t get excited…only the kids like them.  ha!), then hung out for the afternoon.  We made cupcakes and bought some flowers for the table, stuffed all the balloons in the glass tables, and readied for the time after dinner when we got to sing and have cake.  We took her to a western food restaurant for spaghetti (hamburgers and chicken fingers).   As we were eating, some friends were gathering at our home to surprise the little birthday girl when she walked in.  As she came through the door, she saw some movement and got a little skittish, but then lit up with the biggest smile when she saw her friends!  We had cake, ice cream, coffee, and lots of playing to celebrate my blonde baby being eight!
Excuse the non-birthday girl, but I wanted you to see the banner and cupcakes so you could pretend you were here.
 A Barbie!  With puppies!!
 She always smiles.  It doesn’t matter what she gets, she is gonna smile!
 Sometimes she will show super excitement about something really small like colored tape.
 We had a surprise party for Faith, and there were lots of kiddos here!
 This is the very neat Chinese candle.  It is a flower and it sings (until you crush it.  argh!).  It starts off closed, then slowly opens with all the petals lit!  The problem we had though was that she blew she out when we finished singing.  HA!  Then the process stopped and the wick was too short to re-light.  Cam had to hold the flame to the center (burning off a petal) to get it to open.  It was worth the laugh though!
 She was so happy when it opened!
All the kids got a candle in their cupcakes, and once they were extinguished, it looked so sad at the table!

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