The doctor

With Faith having itching issues, we felt (and were advised to) that she needed to see a doctor.  We were going to take her to some American doctors that we had seen before, but when I told a friend (the mom of one of Faith’s friends), she told me about another doctor who is MUCH closer.  We decided to give it a try, and planned to meet my friend so she could show us where the office was and how to do everything.  I told Cam that I thought she might think I’m an idiot or something because she always wants to show me (but she is French, and maybe it is how they do things), but man.  I am SO glad she wanted to show us.  The doctor was in a Chinese hospital, and in case you are wondering, there are few, if any, similarities to an American hospital.  You walk in and pay a registration fee ($1) at this registration window, then go see the doctor.  We went up some stairs and met the doctor, who was Singaporean.  He studied in the states and is a surgeon, so I felt comfortable taking my baby to him.  We sat with him for over an hour talking about symptoms and every little detail.  He wrote stuff down, looked in books, examined her…he was extremely thorough!  We paid in his office to a donation box ($30).  Then we got to the exciting part…yikes.  The urinalysis.  First we had to go back downstairs to prepay for the test ($5) at a different window.  Back up we went for the lab-work.  They handed me a clear thin plastic cup the size of a coffee creamer container and pointed me to the bathroom.  Ummm…there was NOTHING sanitary about that squatty.  It was gross.  Faith told me she couldn’t go to the bathroom in that thing…so being the mom, I told her to go and I would catch it.  Oh y’all.  We were both squatting in this filthy, smelly bathroom with NO sink and I felt like I was playing some video game trying to catch the falling water in a too small bucket.  Crazy.  Then we walked it back and 5 minutes later, we had results!  Back downstairs with a prescription for some anti-fungal pills and to the pay-out window, again.  We paid for the prescription ($5) and walked across the hallway to the pharmacy to get the medicine.  That part was so efficient!  So, Faith is taken care of, we found a doctor we can walk to and it was more than half the cost of the American doctors!  I would say it was a successful first trip!


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