Lucid, Fresco, Innate, Stethoscope…

I am pretty sure I mentioned it already, but Gracie made the top 4 spellers at her school in 5th and 6th grade, so she got to go the big Spelling Bee against the other international schools in our city.  She did fabulous!  She had a practice round, passed 2 rounds, and was out on the third (words in the title).
 She gets super amused when I take pictures of her.  You can almost hear her saying “Maaaaama”…
 These are the 4 from her school.  The boy next to her got third place!
 She’s looking a little nervous…
 Love my girl!
 This was taken right after she got her word wrong.  I really thought she was going to cry!  Ack!
Here she is in action!  Woohoo!!  She really did great.  I am so proud of her for putting herself out there and doing her best.  She made it a few rounds, with only 6 people remaining after the round that got her out.  She got out on a word she knew (the words was stethoscope and she forgot the second “s”…she paused because she knew…which made it so much worse for her afterward!), but she was told the rules of the Bee and unbeknownst to her, the rules were changed.  They were told that pretty much once you spelled a word, you were done, but SO many of the students said “Oh wait!  Let me start over” and then respelled it correctly and it was counted.  She knew as soon as she skipped a letter that she missed it, but she wasn’t aware that she could have just respelled the word.  Frustrating a bit, but she had a great attitude and followed the rules well.  I *so* wanted to stand up and cheer for her!  Ha!  I also had to fight tears the entire time I watched.  I really am a proud mama right now…

3 thoughts on “Lucid, Fresco, Innate, Stethoscope…

  1. Way to go Gracie!! I always loved spelling; now, reading was a different story (Love the Book Faith checked out by the way!!). All the other kids look so much bigger than her, and her outfit is really cute too!!


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