A LOT of love was waiting

We knew there were boxes that were in transit when we left for our visa run, so right after we got home, we headed to our office to pick them up.  We had two waiting for us and the postman called while we were there saying he had another (I’ll post those pics next)!  We had been up since 3am, but this sure gave everybody some much needed energy!!
 This box is from the wonderful parents of my husband.  It was crammed so full, and the girls were ready to dig in! 

 I never knew how much magazines would make home feel like home until I put these under the glass on my coffee table!  It is so nice to see English when I look down πŸ™‚
Faith had a gift tucked inside the box, and I just love how she always takes time to read her cards so carefully.  Her reading is really improving, by the way.  She is doing great! 
 A kaleidoscope!!  My goodness…how such a simple toy can transport you to years and years ago…
Look at all that loot!  We were tired girls, but HAPPY girls!
 This next box was from some family at Lane Prairie.  There isn’t much that can make you feel more loved than receiving a box of thoughtful items from your home club.  We are just so blessed to have a family in Joshua who encourages us and lifts us up daily!

Look at all the yummies!!!   Even tired, Ellie can’t smile normally without being threatened…HA!
Cameron claims all chocolate chips that come in the mail and I feel as though I must ask his permission to use them in anything other than cookies.  Sometimes I sneak them into something, but he always asks “Are these MY chocolate chips?!”  That is Cam’s favorite BBQ sauce too, and he made some fabulous barbecued chicken just a few days later!  And how exciting for me that we can decorate a cake (or cupcakes!!) with the crunchy, colorful goodness that I always loved when I was a kid.  I’m just wondering how y’all knew we would love this exact stuff!
 And then, because they love our girls so much, our Joshua family sent them their own box just a few days later!
 GLITTER!!!  Cording for bracelet making!  Pipe Cleaners!  This is a box that makes dreams come true for this Mama these little girls.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect either, with a creative project due at school the next week…
I also had some Downy sheets and deodorizer (oh the smells our house possesses…) thrown in there.  I store the Downy sheets by my bed so that I can smell the clean freshness every time I lay down.  πŸ™‚
Thank you so much for sending us mail love!  It really does make being so far from all the people we love and miss a little bit easier to face every day.  

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