Some interesting TidBits

I thought you might enjoy a little comparison of costs we see here.  I was talking to my girlfriend the other morning and she was so surprised by what we pay for some things that I thought I would share them with you all!

Lunch at a local hole in the wall…$1.61 for me and $2.10 for Cameron
Dinner for the whole family at our favorite local place…$6.45
Dinner at Pizza Hut…$30.00
Gallon of fresh milk (sold by the quart)…$10.65
Box of ultra pasteurized, doesn’t need a refrigerator milk…$1.30 (probably about a quart)
bottle of water…$0.32 for spring water or $.016 for the kind with minerals added
Starbucks…$5 for a grande
2 cups of butter…$3.71
fresh flowers to fill a large vase…$6.00
fresh but dirty vegetables…sold by weight and ridiculously cheap
bag of clementines…$2.42
dozen eggs…$1.62
chicken breast…$1.34 each
lb of ground pork…$2.20
2-5 gallon jugs of water…$4.84
5 lbs flour…$2.00
bus fare…$0.96 for the family
average cab fare…$4.05
donuts that shouldn’t be called donuts…$0.50
6 pack of Coke…$1.61

Something else that is very different is how we pay our bills.  For our cell phones, we put money on the account and it is debited until it’s gone, then your phone shuts off.  There are no bills, but we do get a daily update on how many minutes and data we have left (or how much we have gone over.  oops).  Our electricity is paid at our management office, but it is never ready to pay.  We are supposed to pay monthly, but when we go to pay it, they never have the amount and tell us to come back.  We have paid it once so far, and are waiting for them to get it together so we can pay for the other months.  Our water hasn’t been paid either because the water company and the owner of our apartment have to negotiate or something.  It is so strange.  At some point, we will have a bill but who knows when…
Our gas bill is paid at a machine in a small grocery store that reminds me of a gas station store.  You have a card and you insert it and do some other things on the machine to make it spit out a receipt that you take to the cashier and pay.  Obviously, Americans are much more efficient at bill paying!  Ha!


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