That is one BIG box

When the postman called with a box, I knew it was the one my Mama sent.  I also knew it weighed almost 58 pounds.  Having never seen a box filled with 58 pounds of things, I really didn’t know what to expect.  It was HUGE, and there were so many fun surprises tucked away inside it!
 I had my mom send a gift that I bought for Cam’s birthday, so I made everyone leave the room so I could remove it in order to keep him guessing.  This made them soooo anxious to get to peek inside!
 They started unloading a series of these wrapped packages that seemed to never end.
 Then Gracie spied the Velveeta and screamed as she held it high for us all to see.  We knew we liked cheese dip, but we didn’t have it often at home, so I was pretty sure we wouldn’t miss it.  Man.  I was so wrong.  We make so much mexican food here that we crave the fake cheese filled with spicy roasted tomatoes.  Never take that stuff (or good chips!) for granted, y’all.  Savor it.
 Awww…Cambry sent her this little box filled with her favorite things.  She was beyond happy.  I really thought there would be tears.  Oh!  And see the flat box behind her?  That is the packaging for Cam’s gift.  It was at the very bottom of the box, and I told them not to take it out.  But, Cameron’s most precious child, Ellie, was too excited for her ears to work and held it above her head while asking, “WHAT is this football thing?!”  Well.  There went the suspense of Cam’s birthday present…
 I really can’t tell you what made her do this little jig, but it was something she must have thought was fabulous, because she doesn’t usually express her emotions like this!
 Ellie, on the other hand, does.  She was jumping for joy when she saw that her rubber ducky lit up!  She has a thing for rubber ducks.  She had this huge collection that we had to leave behind, so this one and one other really fun one from her great friend Clint are the only ones she has in China.
 Oh!  I do hope she will share!
 Gracie has already told us that she will not be sharing her candy with anyone.  Little hoarder.  Those are MY favorite too!  I will remember this forever.  Ha!
 Most of you know I love FiestaWare and had a kitchen full of all the bright colored pottery dishes.  When we moved here, I convinced Cameron that I needed the Fiesta silverware since I couldn’t bring my dishes.  It would make me feel like I was home.  So I brought the heavy. heavy colorful silverware and feel warm and fuzzy every time we use it.  Well, Ellie saw the small set (I think for appetizers or something.  They are kid-sized tiny) that looks just like mine at Dillards before we left.  She wanted them so badly, but I couldn’t justify spending the money on them.  Guess what was in the box?!  She and Faith were thrilled and couldn’t wait to use them at dinner.  
 Little Miss Crafty got some sun catchers to paint, and I can’t wait to have them hanging all over the house.
The breakfast of champions.  The BEST breakfast!
 We all got a box of cereal!  We got Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Chocolate Cheerios, Rice Crispies, and Life.  Another thing we didn’t eat a ton of when we could easily get it.  What were we thinking?!
 This is her little pink case that she was attached to and we didn’t bring.  She is so glad to have it back!
GG made Faith some jewelry for her birthday.  The girls have been wearing a lot of jewelry since we got here.  Their cousins, Colby and Caleb, sent them necklaces right after we arrived and Faith and Ellie have worn them almost every day!
Do you see all that stuff??

 This is all the stuff that Mom fit into that box!  It is insane!  And see my mug with the owl?  I love it.  I use it every day and it makes me smile and wish my sister who gave it to me was sitting next to me (she also sent me Valentines Little Debbie cakes, because she shares my love of the nasty little cakes that are heart shaped or tree shaped.  Those are the best, you know).

Now this is the shocking, amazing, wonderful. excessive expression of love we opened the day we returned from Taiwan.  This is the contents of the three boxes we opened that afternoon.  My eyes still bug out when I see the picture evidence and my heart gets all full and overflowing.  It isn’t that we want (we do of course!) or need all this treasure.  We can certainly survive without it, but this outpouring helps us to remember the support system of believers we have at home.  That this calling involves so many more people than just us.  That we are tools and you are encouraging us and pushing us forward. That we are loved.  That we are missed.  That we are not forgotten.  We appreciate and love you so much more than you can fathom!


3 thoughts on “That is one BIG box

  1. WOOOOOW! That is one giant box! How many packages do you guys get a week??? We got only one package and it was a plumbing part to fix our stinky pipes…hahaha.


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