An Unfortunate Excursion

We were desperately in need of mozzarella cheese. Devastation would have struck if pizza night had to be cancelled. I was putting off the trip to Metro, the big SAMs-like store, in hopes that Cameron would be well and I wouldn’t have to go alone. However, he is still battling food poisoning and I was facing this mountain of a shopping trip. Alone. You see, Metro requires a membership card; a card I do not posses. So, I have to walk in with someone who does have a card, then when I’m ready to check out, I have to tap the person in front of me and play charades hoping that they understand that I need to use their card. It’s quite embarrassing and causes my heart to race and my sweat glands to go into overdrive. I would never do this I there was someplace else I could buy cheese. And powdered sugar. And numerable other treasures that my heart desires. So, I gathered every ounce of bravery I have and headed out. I chose a new route using my map app and regretted that choice after about 10 minutes (its about 2 miles away). A man stopped and motioned for me to get on his scooter with him. Then other men craned their necks so far and for so long that I thought they’d wreck. Then I had to walk through the place where I guess all the motorbikes who give rides gather to solicit business. I felt like I should run! It was all very safe and everyone was very friendly, it just different and unnerving because I’m not at all used to this. I finally arrived at Metro where the “gatekeeper” opened the door for me after I checked in my wheeled cart. Yes! Hurdle #2 was soared over with no problems (#1 being arriving without getting lost)!!! I did my shopping and went to check out. I used CHINESE to ask the guy if I could use his card (#3). I’m choosing to believe that he understood my sentence fragment and wasn’t just giving me his card because that is quite normal in this store. HA! Once I paid a fortune for my loot, I went to pick up my wheely cart and loaded all my groceries. It was so heavy! I had the cart full and a crossbody reusable shopping bag full. I took off for home, deciding to go our normal route so I could bypass the cycle looters. I got a little lost after taking a wrong turn and ended up back where I started. I figured I would just go back the way I came when, horror of horrors, the wheel FELL OFF MY CART!!! Now I was 2.2 miles from home with 60+ pounds in a cart I had to carry, not to mention the crossbody bag and purse I was carrying. At this point, I was facing a major meltdown. I was about to burst into tears standing there praying that God would send me a taxi. I headed back into Metro with the plan to buy a new cart. I wasn’t sure how I was going to explain to the guy that I needed to buy a cart and could he watch all my groceries, when I decided to check my cash. Yep. I didn’t have enough money for a new cart. The tears were about to spill. I took off (again) towards home, calling Cam to see where I took a wrong turn the first time. I prayed the whole way down the alley carrying this stupid cart full of heavy stuff that at this point I was ready to leave. As I exited the alley and stood, panting and sweating, the most glorious rounded the corner. A tuk-tuk!! Woohoo!!! He drove me home for a mere $2.50. Hurdle #4 turned out to be twice as tall as I anticipated and I am pretty sure I hit my shins in a most painful way as I jumped over it, but I do have my Metro treasures, small blisters on my fingers, sore arms, and the knowledge that I survived alone even when disaster struck around every corner!

Me with my actual feelings. Stressed and near tears.

Me with my happy face because I could see home!!

The stupid broken wheely cart


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