Ewww. That’s just nasty.

The other day, I dropped a fork, a very special tiny little fork with fabulous Fiesta stripes on it down the kitchen drain. I couldn’t bear the thought of it being lost forever so I did what any other Fiesta-loving woman would do: I took the pipes apart. Y’all. It is no wonder my kitchen stinks! I went through two sets of rubber gloves and was able to salvage the third pair. And, after a near meltdown over losing this fork (it’s the small things in life. Ha!) and talking to my mama, I got a hanger and bent it up to use it to scrape the thing out of the pipe and sludge. Success!!!

Look at that nastiness coating the entire drain hose.  *shudder*

And the sweet little fork was buried under the sludge in the bottom of that mess. And to to get to,this hose, I had to weave my head through other pipes under the sink…just gross.

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