Is it time for breakfast yet?!

 It is no secret that we love when the postman calls and delivers us a box of surprises, but this box was one of a kind!
 For one, it was bigger and wrapped in thick paper…
 It had cards for each one of us, which we always think is fun!  And not just any cards, but cards written by someone we love dearly who writes with so much passion that her hand cannot keep up with her thoughts.  It is like a game trying to figure out what they say!  Ha!
 And it was FULL OF CEREAL!!!!  Gracie was so thrilled to see her favorite in the box!  We all were, actually, but she looks so victorious holding up her Cookie Crisp!
Do you see that?  It is PopTarts!!!  Oh my.  We love PopTarts.  And when you haven’t had them in months, they taste like little fruit-filled bites of heaven.  And Life…words aren’t needed here because I am sure everyone knows the greatness of Life…
 Faith could go swimming in this huge bag of Cheerios!  She loves multigrain Cheerios (almost as much as I do!).
 Always representing Josh-a-way!
 Faith had a particularly hard day this day, and if you look really closely you will see the red splotches on her face that prove it.  She wouldn’t come open the box with us, but when she felt better, she came and was just as excited after the fact!  She may have been more excited, actually, because she needed this love today.  So much!
 I’m not sure if they were happier about the breakfast or all the bubble wrap!  They played for so long on this!
 Look at that air!!
I know I always write this, but there really is no way to express how much it means that you take the time and the money to send us a package.  No matter how big or how small or even what is inside, it makes our day.  There is something really soothing and encouraging about love in the form of mail, and it always comes exactly when we aren’t sure how to keep going on this journey.  Never underestimate a blessing!  He uses every phone call, text message, FaceBook post, and package that you send to further His plan, and I assure you, they mean the world to us!

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