We all know Cam loves to grill.  Well, our trip to Taipei and subsequent visit to Costco allowed us to get Cam a grill for his birthday!  It looks like a “real” grill but sits on a table, so we are able to put it out in the balcony.  We are so very excited to have grilled food again!  Now if only this place would start raising some cows…
We have had this for a month or so now and it still sits unused in the entry room of our house.  Unlike in America, things here are not easily procured, especially when there is a language barrier.  We had a hard time finding/getting help locating a gas tank.  Once we figured that out and got one, Cam realized that the regulator didn’t fit so, once again, a search began for that part.  I think it was ordered a couple days ago, so we should have our first grilled chicken in 4 months this weekend!  Yes!


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