I love the Girl Scouts. Mostly I love their cookies.

This box made my heart happy.  Not just because its contents seemed to be mostly pink and yummy, but because it if from one of my sweetest youth girls and her really awesome grandma.  And I use grandma lightly, because I have the hardest time thinking of her as a grandma.  She’s fun, energetic, always willing to help and cute as can be!  I have this spot in my heart that is filled up with all the youth we love, and it will never be replaced with anything else.  I love them like they were my own and miss them with a fierceness that surprises even me!
 At first glimpse, the grins emerged.  There was pink Barbie goodness right on top!
 Ellie thought that if she pulled it out of the box, she could keep it, so she was being particularly choosy about the things she removed…it basically included all chocolate, candy, and toys.  Ha!
 See how she won’t even put them down?  They are so intent on whatever they see down in there!
 It seemed like the box that kept on giving!  There was so much packed into it, and all of it made the biggest smiles on our faces.  If you could just see me cheesing behind the camera at the sight of soooo many Girl Scout cookies coming out of that box, you would be laughing your head off!  I love Girl Scout cookies.  By that I mean, I wait all year for them, load up and hoard them, afraid to open the last box because I know I have to wait until the next year to buy more.  
Look at all this fun!  I tell you, these boxes may very well be the reason that we all return to the states in a few years much heavier than we were when we left!  

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