Little Miss can cook!

 Because there is no running to HEB to get super soft yummy tortillas, we have to make our own.  Almost daily.  Ha!  We do really enjoy eating things on a tortilla.  Apparently.   Ellie has been the designated helper when it comes to the kitchen.  She loves to be involved in there, so I, of course, let her do my work for me!  
 She pulls in the stool from the living room (I broke down and bought her a kitchen stool since this photo because she really is in there helping daily!).
She is the best flipper in the house.  She knows how many bubbles mean the other side is perfectly brown and she rarely folds it over (ruining it).  She doesn’t need help getting the tortillas in the bag like her sisters do, so she really does this all her on her own!  It is greatness.  And even better than the help is that she loves to do it.  She loves being in the kitchen with me and will do anything I ask her to do.  She mixes things and fills the water and turns on the oven.  She has started putting things in the oven for me and taking them out (this makes  me a bit nervous though!).  When I tell her that she will be a really great wife someday, she gets the biggest, cheesiest grin on her face.  I love that she wants to work in the kitchen with me and love that I get to spend precious moments with my sweet baby who is growing up way too fast! 

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