Taipei, Part 1

 A few weeks ago, we had to leave the country in order to renew our visa (we call it a visa run), and we had the opportunity to visit friends in Taipei.  They were the best hosts, and we had a fantastic time hanging out and relaxing with them!
Their apartment building has this great kids play area with ball pits and a slide and all sorts of things for little monkeys to climb on and jump off of.
There was even a basketball game that Cam made a new high score for…but we ladies didn’t do so bad either!

We went to the boardwalk one beautiful day and had a picnic and walked in and among lots of shops.  I think it may be one of my favorite things we have done since moving overseas.  These rocks were where we had lunch (with live music!).  The kiddos got some bubble guns as we walked in, so bubbles surrounded us as we ate 😉
Reach for the stars bubbles, sweet Faith!
All the pretty little girls.  I had my camera on a bad setting (sorry!) so you can’t see the water behind them, but imagine it.  It is there somewhere lurking behind them looking all greyish green and sad.  When you imagine it though, imagine it to be sparkling blue with white sand and lush, green palm trees.  It will make the picture so much better!
There were so many games to play, like being at a carnival!  And like a carnival, you could choose to just give your money away, because they aren’t really there to win.  Ha!
Cam found some soft serve ice cream.  You can’t tell, but it is chocolate/vanilla swirl.  I couldn’t believe how big it was!

And what is a day in a carnival-like atmosphere without cotton candy?!  

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