Taipei, Part 2

 My beautiful friend holding a HUGE potato chip swirly thing.
 Games that let you win…bouncy balls!  Yippee!  
 This is us.  Just in case we look different now.

 Even the men got caught up in the hype of winning a non-winnable prize
 We told the girls they could choose one thing that they wanted to do.  Gracie and Ellie chose to get henna tattoos.  They looked so great, but sadly I forgot to take a picture of them once they were complete.
 Always smiling for some reason that no one knows…
She is a dart-throwing machine!!
 Faith hit so many water balloons with darts that she won this huge hammer.  And guess what?  It makes noise!  I tried to leave in Taiwan, but somehow it made it on the plane.

This lady was AWESOME!  I thought she was a really colorful statue, so of course I had to check her out, but to my great surprise, she was a real, live, human being!  And when you gave her money, she gave you a hug.  That was totally worth the money to me!
 After they all got hugs, she posed them for me so I could get a group shot.  Love her!
These guys were beat-boxing.  It was so cool!  I felt like we were watching So You Think You Can Dance, but in real life!  Then, of course, I wanted to jump in and dance with them.  But that thought didn’t become an action because, well, I can’t dance.  I’m sure it would have attracted double the crowd though!

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