I took waaaay too many pictures!

 All of them look unnatural, and I am sure 5 years from now, if they look back on this, they will be irritated that I posted it for the world to see.  But look at the panda behind them!
 We are in the city of panda bears, but sadly, the panda exhibit wasn’t all that great at the zoo.  We will have to go to the Panda Reserve for the close-up awesomeness we were hoping for, I guess.
 There were all these signs that said “Don’t feed the animals”, but no one obeyed them and no one enforced them.  The people were throwing chicken wings to the bears, so the bears were sitting up begging like this.
Or standing like this.
 Ohhh.  Isn’t he pretty?!

 For a couple cents, you can buy grass to feed the camels.  Nasty creatures.
 There was one elephant…I know he had to be lonely!

 This lady was taking hot, molten sugar and pouring it in these intricate designs.  It was so neat to watch!  I was, however, a bit nervous about buying the candy.  I don’t know why really, but at the moment, in the dirty zoo, it just didn’t seem right.
 awwww…I was laying in bed last night, thinking about how we have been married for 131/2 years, yet it still feels new…sometimes it doesn’t seem real that I get to be married to him, this boy I prayed for when I was only 14, this man who takes care of all the details and lets me live with my head in the clouds, my best friend.  Blessed.
 I just love the iconic building in the background.  It screams, “I’m not in Texas!!”
 I’ve never been this close to a peacock…but there is something so sad about it being tied to a bench just so that bird lovers can have a neat photo opportunity.
 How ’bout that pan o’poop.  Gross.
 It is so big!  And it’s space was so tiny.  Concrete floors and a fake background.  He can only pretend he is eating fresh grass under a blue sky because nothing looks like that here!
I think she looks like a little girl here.  Love it!


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